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10 Signs Your Computer Might Have a Malware Infection

Our computer is like a member of our family, when it doesn’t “feel good” or something is wrong with it, we can usually tell. We might not know exactly what is bothering it, but we have a feeling that something is wrong and we want to do everything we can to make them all better.

Who Is A Hacker? Mark Zuckerberg Explains In His Letter From The Past

The word hacker has been viewed with a bad filter that hackers always break into people’s computers. According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, hacking is an approach to doing things quickly and testing their limits. Hacking is an active discipline, and one should focus on the quick implementation of ideas.

Sony Is Working On Mobile-to-Mobile Wireless Charging Technology

According to a recently published patent application, Sony is working on a new futuristic technique that enables wireless power exchange between various nearby consumer electronic devices, including smartphones, computers, microwave, washing machine, fridges, and TVs, without cords.

Pinterest is now blocked in China

China has blocked one of the few Western social media sites that had remained accessible to its population: Pinterest.

How To Remove User Account Password In Windows 10

Windows operating system allows you password protect your user account for obvious reasons. While we always recommend users to use a strong password for a user account, there are users who want to have a password-free user account.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Twitter will launch a bookmarking tool in the near future

Twitter confirmed it’s planning to launch a bookmarking feature to save tweets for later reading. The addition will help users keep a separate list of items they want to refer back to, instead of using the heart (aka “favorite”) button, which can indicate more of a “like” – similar to the “thumbs up” button on Facebook.
The feature’s impending launch was first unveiled on Twitter itself, naturally, when head of product Keith Coleman announced that a new way to save tweets was in the works, as a result of a company HackWeek project dubbed #SaveForLater.
Other Twitter employees, including newly hired senior director of product, Sriram Krishnan, and PM Jesar Shah, also noted Twitter’s plans in this area.
Like Coleman, Shah said the feature was a popular user request – adding that many people, “especially in Japan,” had asked for this ability.
As Shah said in her thread, there are a number of ways people privately save tweets to reference later, including bookmarking them with the heart, DM-ing them to themselves, or even retweeting. (I’d also add we open them in new tabs, save them to our Notes app, email them to ourselves, Instapaper their links, or create private Twitter Moments or Storify collections, among other things.)
None of these methods are ideal because they’re not as quick as simply clicking a button to save the tweet, with the exception of the “heart” icon. However, the heart can be misinterpreted since it implies you feel positively about the tweet you’re saving, when the opposite could be true. Plus, for those who regularly use the heart to respond to tweets that don’t require a reply, those saved tweets you wanted to look back on again could be easily lost in your Favorites.
Twitter isn’t the first to realize that its constantly-updating feed needs a save button. Facebook, too, launched its own bookmarking tool several years ago.
A prototype built during HackWeek shows that Twitter’s bookmarking feature appears under the tweet’s “More” menu (three dots), where you then find a new “Add to Bookmarks” option. But this design could change by the time it’s released to the public.
According to Shah, Twitter wants to build the new bookmarking tool with the community’s help and feedback. That’s interesting, given that building “with” user input is how Twitter used to develop features borrowed from the community. For example, Twitter’s @mention and retweet functionality grew out of Twitter turning actions people were already taking on its network into useful product features.
But some of Twitter’s more recent product launches – like the controversial @reply format or decisions about what counts as a character – were developed more as an overly-engineered response to the problems with social network’s 140-character limit, rather than by a deep examination of user behavior.  (Twitter has since said it will test expanding character count to 280, which makes more sense than its confusing rules about character count.)
There are no details yet on how soon the new bookmarking tool will roll out or who will be able to test it. But a Twitter spokesperson confirmed the feature is not just an experiment – it will publicly launch soon. They also said the best way to find out more is to follow @jesarshah’s account, as this is where information about #SaveForLater will appear. Product designer @tinastsh will be tweeting as well, we’re told.
Sources: techcrunch

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Monday, October 16, 2017

9 Snipping Tool Keyboard Shortcuts In Windows 10

Snipping Tool is the default screenshot capturing utility in Windows 10. Introduced first with Windows Vista, the Snipping Tool allows you to capture the entire screen, window, or a specific area on the screen.
In the latest Windows 10, Snipping Tool has received some improvements. It now comes with a delay option using which you can capture the screen after a delay of up to 5 seconds. The feature comes in handy while capturing menus. The current version of Snipping Tool doesn’t support video capture though.
Most PC users often use Snipping Tool to capture screenshots. If you also often use the Snipping Tool, you might be interested in using keyboard shortcuts to capture the screen using Sniping Tool quickly.
While there is no dedicated keyboard shortcut out there to launch the Snipping Tool, you can create a keyboard shortcut to open the Snipping Tool either be creating a shortcut of Snipping Tool and then assigning a keyboard shortcut for it or by pining the Sniping Tool to the taskbar.
Tip: In Windows 10, you can use Windows logo + Print Screen keyboard shortcut to capture the entire screen quickly and automatically save it to Pictures\Screenshots folder.
Snipping Tool keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10
After launching the Snipping Tool, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:
Alt + M – Choose a snipping mode
Ctrl + S – Save the captured snip
Alt + N – Create a new snip using the last used mode
Ctrl + N – Create a new snip
Alt + D – Delay capture by 1-5 seconds
(After pressing Alt +D, you need to use the down arrow key to select the delay)
Shift + arrow keys – Move the cursor to select a rectangular snip area
Ctrl + C – Copy the captured snip to the clipboard
Esc – Cancel the snip selection
Ctrl + P – Print the snip
After capturing a screenshot, you can press the Alt key > press T > press PH or E to choose a pen, highlighter, or eraser, respectively.
Sources: intowindows

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Clash Royale gets a major update with Touchdown game mode, Quests and more

Supercell has released a major update for its Clash Royale along with balance update that brings new Touchdown game mode without towers, daily and weekly Quests to earn epic rewards, Gold Rush, Gem Rush and more. The update also brings several balance changes as well as improvements. Check out the complete changelog below.
Download Clash Royale – Android and iPhone and iPad
Take on daily and weekly Quests to earn epic rewards
Rewards include Super Magical and Legendary Chests!

Touchdown is a sporty new game mode – without towers – watch the reveal livestream!
Earn gold and gems by taking down towers during Gold Rush and Gem Rush events
Now you can chat and have a rematch with your 2v2 teammate
Mirror Battles give you and your opponent the exact same deck
Challenges come in more shapes and sizes, and unlock at level 5

Share and copy decks from outside the game
We’ve revamped the Shop, check it out for Daily Deals
Collect a free Epic Card from the Shop every Sunday!
Gems are no longer refunded for Custom Tournaments if no players join or battle
News Royale, now in glorious full screen!

We’ve got a better system for releasing new cards, so each new card will be a real surprise! Find out more in the latest episode of Radio Royale.
Note: with the introduction of Quests, we will remove Achievements in the next update
We’ve re-balanced several cards – find out what’s changing.
We hope you enjoy the update! Let us know what you think about it on the forums or reddit.

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

YouTube bans videos showing how to add a bump stock to rifles

Following the deadly Las Vegas shooting that involved a firearm containing a bump stock, YouTube has banned videos that show how to modify rifles so that they contain this particular feature. The videos recently disappeared from the service, and the guidelines were updated alongside this to reflect the new restriction. Until now, such modification videos were allowed on the site.
A bump stock like the one used by the Las Vegas shooter enables a rifle to fire continuously as an automatic weapon while meeting the legal definition of a semi-automatic firearm. Many videos on YouTube provided free instructions on how to modify rifles in this manner, but Google has elected to ban them following the tragic events.
Speaking to The Telegraph, a YouTube spokesperson confirmed that Google decided to expand its guidelines to ban these videos following the Las Vegas event. Bump stocks have received renewed attention — and demands for bans — following the shooting. Many gun advocates and groups have resisted attempts to outlaw the modifications, though others have relented.
A quick search of YouTube shows many videos related to bump stocks, but all of them in an informative, demonstrative, or otherwise non-DIY way. Searching for videos on how to modify weapons to have a bump stock are hard to find, and many of them have already been deleted by YouTube.
Sources: slashgear

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Friday, October 13, 2017

SNES Classic Edition hack opens the door to more games

We all knew this day was coming, though some of us may not have expected it to come so soon. The SNES Classic Edition has been hacked, allowing those who are lucky enough to have one do all sorts of things with the mini console. Obviously, the motivation behind hacking the SNES Classic will be adding new games for many people, thereby solving one of the biggest gripes many of us have with the SNES Classic.
Since adding new games will rely on downloading ROMs and loading them onto your SNES Classic, we’re operating within something of a morally gray area here. Still, given the speed in which the NES Classic was hacked to do the exact same thing, even Nintendo must have known this would happen. After all, the hardware within the SNES Classic is largely the same as the NES Classic, making the process of hacking even easier.
Those hardware similarities also mean that you can hack the SNES Classic with existing tools. An update pushed to ClusterM’s hakchi2 tool over the weekend makes it compatible with the SNES Classic Edition, which means you can now use the tool to hack both it and the NES Classic Edition. It even supports automatic ROM conversion to the SNES Classic’s format, and ClusterM says that currently, about 75% of SNES games are confirmed to work with hakchi2.
Some of those SNES games could prove to be a bit difficult, though, as they had onboard chips that might be a challenge for SNES Classic emulation. For those games, you can also use the RetroArch mod, so if there’s one game, in particular, you’d like to play on your SNES Classic, you should be able to get it up and running one way or another.
So, there you have it – if you were left wondering why some of your favorite SNES games were missing from the Classic, you can now add them. A thread over at NeoGAF breaks down the process of hacking and modding the SNES Classic, but obviously, proceed at your own risk. Consider your decision to hack your SNES Classic carefully, because if you end up bricking your console, it’s going to be difficult to get a new one.
Sources: slashgear

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