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Thursday, June 15, 2017

How To Remove User Account Password In Windows 10

Windows operating system allows you password protect your user account for obvious reasons. While we always recommend users to use a strong password for a user account, there are users who want to have a password-free user account.
If you have set a BIOS/UEFI password or don’t let other use your Windows 10 PC, you can remove your user account password if you find it troublesome entering the password each time to sign-in to Windows.
Removing user account password is quite easy although Windows 10 doesn’t display a remove password option in Settings. All you need to is set a blank password while changing the user account password to remove password of a user account.
If you are still not sure, please refer to the given below directions to remove the user account password in Windows 10.

Remove password of a user account in Windows 10

NOTE: You cannot remove the password of your Microsoft account. This method is only for local user accounts and not for Microsoft accounts. So, if you are using a Microsoft account to sign-in but don’t want to type in the password each time to log-in, you can configure automatic login in Windows 10.
Step 1: Open Settings app. Click Accounts. Click Sign-in options.
Step 2: In the Password section, click the Change button to open Change your password screen.

Step 3: Here, type in your current password. Click Next button

Step 4: Next, you will see the following screen where you are asked to enter the new password. If you want to remove the password of the account, simply leave all these fields blank and then click Next button

Step 5: Finally, click Finish button.

If you navigate to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in page, the page should now display “You must add a password before you can use the other sign-in options” message, indicating that the user account doesn’t have a password.
Now that you have removed the account password, lock your PC once (use Windows logo + L to lock quickly) to check if the user account still requires a password.

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